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Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst

Oct. 9 - Bits and Ballots: Trust, safety and democracy in the digital age (Toronto)

Canadians Speak
Context and Analysis
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NATIONAL Public Relations

Oct. 10 - NATIONAL Exclusive Talks: Election 2019 Edition (Toronto)

Context and Analysis
Photo credit - The Canadian Press/Colin Perkel

Ryerson Democracy Forum

Oct. 1 - Election 2019: Behind the Battle For Your Ballot (Toronto)

Photo credit - AP Photo/Altaf Qadri

Canada 2020

Sept. 12 - Combating Misinformation (Ottawa)

The Campaign Unfiltered

Leaders' Debate Commission

Oct. 7 - English Debate (Ottawa-Gatineau)

The Campaign Unfiltered
Photo credit - The Canadian Press/Mark Blinch

Munk Debates

CANCELLED - Oct. 1 - 2019 Munk Leaders Debate on Foreign Policy (Toronto)


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